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Term Date - a reminder that next week is half term.Have an enjoyable break and we look forward to seeing you all back Monday 3 June.


As a result of the incredible Achievement, Care and Excellence (ACE) demonstrated by our students this half term, the House Points tally currently stands at…


We were thrilled to hear about the success of Ethan, Elis, Dayn and Obasuyi in Year 8, who have been shortlisted for The Pitch, a competition to design an advert for JD Sports. The students will pitch their idea in a national final at the Meta headquarters June. Good Luck!


Year 9 students have been busy designing mythical creatures in art class and turning their designs into 3D using clay. Some wonderfully imaginative creations are coming to life!


New exciting role available with Scholars’ Education Trust:


We welcomed Matthew Bowen from Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University who gave a talk to Year 10 students about life at university and what Oxbridge can offer students. The talk was both informative and encouraging.


The recording of our wonderful Jazz Night is now available to view on the school website -


Reminder to Year 10 parents that online Parents’ Evening is taking place this evening.


Great teamwork!


Reminder to Year 12 parents that booking for online Parents’ Evening closes tomorrow, Wednesday 22 May, at 6pm.


iPads were being utilised in Year 7 maths class to help with revision in preparation for end of year assessments happening this week.


A little bit of final coaching from Mrs Brown before today’s German exam for some Year 11 students.


Good luck to our Year 12 students who are out on work placements this week. The Year 12 team look forward to catching up with you and your employers during the course of the week. Have a wonderful week!


Students were investigating the insulation effectiveness of different materials in Year 7 science lesson, recording their data in a table.


Some amazing students have set up an ‘Unlitter the Planet Club’ - they go out at lunchtime and pick up any stray litter blown onto the school campus to help the environment, and in particular animals, whom the litter harms. Well done!


Meet the Drama Faculty Trolls 🧌 Exploring how we can create puppets using random objects with Year 9.


Expressionist feminist tragedy done brilliantly at the Machinal matinee today at the Old Vic with our a level group


The mock trial with is well under way and the Year 12 students involved are putting their cases forward and interrogating the witnesses. Some brilliant persuasive arguments as the students brought the courtroom drama to life!


Reminder to Year 12 parents that booking for online Parents’ Evening opens today at 6pm.


Four lucky winners of a competition run by are preparing their cases for a mock trial taking place later today. The Year 12 students are working hard on their opening statements, identifying evidence, deciphering case themes and case questions. Good Luck!


We want to wish our Year 13 students the very best of luck with their A Level exams starting today. You've put in the hard work and now it's time to shine in your exam. We are so proud of you - you've got this!


As part of , students will be discussing the importance of mental health, techniques to use and how to access support if needed. This years theme is 'moving more for our mental health' so each form will also be challenged to take part in an activity.


We welcomed to run a coding workshop for some Year 7 students, helping to introduce coding and highlight opportunities working in software engineering. The students created their own game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and then had fun playing - Student v Machine!


So lovely to see students making full use of all the space on the field at lunchtime.


Reminder to Year 10 parents that booking for online Parents’ Evening closes tomorrow, Tuesday 14 May, at 6pm.

Extra-curricular provision

A very comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities is provided at SJL and includes:

Years 10, 11 and Sixth Form – Course and exam work support

Teachers offer group and one-to-one support for course and exam work and students are able to come in and use the computer rooms and workshops (staff supervision required) at lunch times and after school.


  • Journalism Club for Years 7 and 8
  • Senior Reading Group for Years 11 - 13
  • Upper School Debating for Years 9 – 13

Anthony Glenn’s ‘Shaking Up Shakespeare’ providing interactive dramatic interpretations of Shakespearian comedies and tragedies studied at Years 7 - 9 and Year 11.

Ash Dickinson’s 'brilliantly surreal' Year 9 poetry performance workshop.

Theatre trips to productions of GCSE and A-Level set texts such as ‘Macbeth’, ‘Othello’ and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Poetry By Heart performance poetry competition – heats held at SJL then progressing to regional and national levels.

Every year our students participate in the Rotary’s Youth Speaks competition, whilst the faculty runs an annual lower-school public speaking competition in the summer term. Our students have taken part in debating competitions at the Palace of Westminster, having been invited by our local MP, whilst our VI form debating team has organised debating competitions with other local schools.

External providers

Sir John Lawes works closely with the following centres of scholastic excellence:

University of Hertfordshire who support EPQ students

Rothamsted Research (see


Fieldwork is key to subject and evident in all year groups’ provision. In KS3 fieldwork around the school site and in the local area is undertaken. In year 10 we visit Southend to investigate coastal processes and in year 11 we complete urban fieldwork in St Albans. At GCSE, there is also a 4 day residential trip to Iceland that up to 60 students can go on. In Sixth form, there is a residential trip to Swanage to prepare students for their independent investigation, as well as a day visit to East London to experience the case studies learnt about in class.

Each year, Geography MASt students are invited to take part in the Geographical Association’s Geowise Quiz against other St. Albans and Harpenden schools. This includes student teams from Year 8, 9 and 10.

Students are encouraged to attend Geography club every fortnight which provides an opportunity to learn about geography outside the curriculum. The Eco Schools club also runs every alternate fortnight, giving the students the chance to contribute to the sustainability of the school, the local community and the wider world. An important part of this is the school’s Eco Garden, where students have been growing flowers and vegetables successfully for a number of years.

The Faculty also holds a membership to the Royal Geographical Society and each year its VI formers are invited to attend two or three School Member’s Lectures at the Society’s HQ in London. We also are members of the Geographical Association and the school subscribes to the Geography review magazine, allowing sixth form students to read around the topics they are studying.


Extensive reading lists given to A-Level students to enhance their subject knowledge.

Year 9 trip to Normandy to visit the D-Day landing sites which allows students to reflect on the events that happened and how D-Day is remembered in Normandy.

Independent research project undertaken in Year 9 to improve students ability to think and work independently.

History mysteries club for Key Stage 3 students to examine intriguing historical events and figures.

Key Stage 5 students given the opportunity to take part in various University essay writing competitions when opportunities arise.

Life Skills

Years 8 and 9 (January - March)

A great enrichment opportunity for our younger more able students is the National Magistrates Mock Trial competition. This competition is an extra-curricular activity that enriches participating students’ understanding of the criminal justice system as well as developing key skills such as public speaking, critical thinking and enquiry and student-led team work. The team also gets to visit a Magistrates’ court to sit in on real cases and get to talk to a practising Magistrate. For more information on the competition that is run by the Citizenship Foundation please visit;

Years 10 and 12 (September - November)

A great enrichment opportunity for our older more able students is the Bar National Mock Trial competition. This competition is an extra-curricular activity that enriches participating students’ understanding of the criminal justice system as well as developing key skills such as public speaking, critical thinking and enquiry and student-led team work. The team also gets to visit a Crown court to sit in on real cases and attend a workshop with a practising barrister. For more information on the competition that is run by the Citizenship Foundation please visit;


  • University visits for Sixth Form for potential courses
  • Lectures for Sixth Form on Philosophical and Ethical Issues
  • Good and Evil day for GCSE full course students (external philosopher)
  • STEP – Christian organisation providing workshops for Years 8 and 10
  • Advanced reading material for students at GCSE and A level
  • Additional resources available for students in Humanities personal library section
  • Philosophy undergraduates magazine

School Trips:

  • Florence and Rome, Italy (Year 10 & 11)
  • Neasden Temple, North London (Year 7)
  • Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury (Year 8)

School Clubs

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