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Thought for the Week: Trusting each other Word of the Week: Fac


Joining us in September 2020? Our Library Team are looking forward to meeting you, they have put together a welcome newsletter with some exciting activities for students to take part in, including their poster competition


This week’s newsletter is out now...


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NQT Secondary Network now available to book for 2020-21 Four sessions across the year, Sept, Nov, Jan and March. First session to be delivered as a pre-recorded webinar. For further information and bookings:


Joining us in September 2020? Head over to our website to view Miss Marino’s transition video, providing helpful information to support students as they start at SJL this September


Brilliant performances - well done all!


Joining us in September 2020? Our transition activity booklet in now available on the school website, the booklet is a great resource to help form tutors get to know their new Year 7 students.


Wellbeing Wednesday: reactions


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Lockdown your personal info! 🔐👣 You wouldn’t share sensitive information with a stranger, so why do it online? This week’s guide provides tips for parents on protecting ‘Personal Data’ >>


Year 11 & 13 students - this may be of interest to you. Still awaiting clarification on some details however.


This week’s assembly was delivered to students by Mr Williams, with the theme ‘Looking Ahead’. As well as looking back over the past 14 weeks, students are encouraged to think about developments and what are they going to resolve to keep doing?


As Pride Month draws to a close, our amazing rainbow is a reminder of SJL community commitment with hundreds of signatures signing the SJL pledge


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OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY 🔴🟡🟢🟠⚪️🔵🟣 Please see instructions and following tweets outlining the events and how to enter! Entries and proof of participation to Mr Bloxham


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James in 7L sent us this beautiful photo of poppies on Harpenden Common. They are beautiful!


Thought for the Week: Being brave and showing grit Word of the Week: Duc, duct


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Some stunning strawberries and raspberries growing in our eco garden! ?


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I absolutely love the detail that has gone into this set design for the End of KS3 Drama Project. Well done, Scarlett in Y8! 🎭


Year 9 timetables have now been issued, they are also available on the Documents tab of your EduLink account. Please make sure your child has a copy of their timetable with them when they are in school.


Joining us in September 2020? Our Yr 7 team are busy working on your induction plan. SJL are proud that we have always set aside the first week as an induction for Yr 7 students. Our Library Taster session originally scheduled for 6 July, will now be part of that induction.


SJL Wellbeing Week: Take Notice During lockdown many of us had to stop, but as restrictions are eased remember to pause and take a moment to notice what is beautiful or unusual in the world


This week’s newsletter is out now...


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Always a fun game to play! Except there is not a cloud in the sky today


SJL Wellbeing Week: Keep Learning Learning new things can build your confidence as well as being fun. Set challenges to see what you can achieve


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Fab stuff from 🙌 solid entry from for the KS3 Competition


Congratulations everyone who took part


Important message for Y9 parents has been sent via EduLink, please check your email for details.


Joining September 2020? We cannot wait to welcome you through our doors, until then visit our website for a mini virtual tour of Sir John Lawes School


Wellbeing Wednesday: set goals


SJL Wellbeing Week: Be Active Being active is about having fun. Spend time doing things you enjoy


Joining us in September? Welcome from Ms Marino, Head of Year 7 2020 available on school website now


SJL Wellbeing Week: Connect Think about connections around you, lots of us have been building stronger relationships with our local communities. Maintain those connections to increase happiness and self-worth


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SUPER excited to welcome Year 12 back into the Drama space this morning 🎭


Welcome to what should be Wellbeing Week at SJL. Today we're highlighting GIVE from the Take 5 theme. Use this week to find new ways to give: make that extra phone call; add something to a food bank box... take a moment to think of others, reap the benefits


Year 6, joining us in September? Look out for your welcome assembly. Link issued via Edulink. If you have any problems logging in to Edulink, please contact


Thought for the Week: Aiming for a happy life Word of the Week: Dict, dic


Joining us in September? From next week keep an eye out for a whole range of materials to help you get ready! Make sure you have set up your Edulink account so you don't miss anything!


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Well done to all who entered in the virtual pentathlon. Fantastic performances, the top 4 results for each age group go though to be compared at district level. Details of qualifying performances can be found on SMHW noticeboard . Congratulations all!


Do not forget to submit your entries for this year’s summer concert to Mrs Hastings-Clarke. Closing date Friday, 26 June (next week)


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🚨SJL PE Department are now on Instagram 🚨 Give us a follow!


Welcome to Sir John Lawes School.

We look forward to meeting you and we know that you will have a really happy time here.

At SJL you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of subjects and activities. Sports, music, dance, art, drama, movie making, robotics and astronomy are some of the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you at SJL.

Leaving your primary school and moving to the new, much bigger world of secondary education can feel worrying and stressful. Our aim is to make all our new students feel welcome and safe so that you hit the ground running at the start of Year 7 and make a great start to what will hopefully be some of the best years of your life.

If you are joining us from your primary school there is a special Induction Day when you can visit the school, meet all the new joiners, make new friends and try out some lessons! There is also an Induction Evening for parents when they can come to learn about Sir John Lawes, spend some time with members of staff and ask questions.

If you are the only student joining from your primary school there is no need to worry. You are extremely important to us and you will also be given an extra opportunity to visit us on single joiners' day when you will get the opportunity to meet other students who are also the only ones joining from their schools.

Transition Update 2020

Joining us from other years

Moving schools can be worrying and stressful. Our aim is to make all our new students feel welcome and safe and to settle you in your new Form Group with a new timetable as quickly as we can. Before joining us you will be given the opportunity to visit the school with your parents/carers and meet your new head of year or another key member of the pastoral team. This will be an opportunity to ask questions and find out about life at Sir John Lawes School.

We hope you find the sections above useful and and if you are joining us then we look forward to seeing soon.

A typical day at SJL

Every school day you will meet your form tutor in the morning and at afternoon registration. You have six lessons of 50 minutes each in a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, RE, ICT, PE, Music, Art and lots, lots more.

Before school, break and lunchtime you can visit the school canteen for a hot or cold snack/meal and a drink. Lunchtimes can be very busy times with lots of clubs to join. It is also a good time to visit the library or to catch up with your new and existing friends.

Homework club is held after school in the library where staff can help you with your homework. There are also lots of sporting activities for those of you who like sports and want to play in the school teams.

You will never be bored at SJL!

Clubs and activities

School isn’t just about hard work. It is about meeting new people, making friends and taking part in the activities that you enjoy the most.

When you arrive at Sir John Lawes you will find that there are loads of lunchtime or after-school activities and clubs that you can join.

Sporting teams and clubs include: football, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball, cross-country, athletics, cricket, rounders, tennis and gymnastics.

If you are musical, you can audition for the school Concert Band, the Up and Coming Band and the Jazz Band. You can play in the Brass Band, Guitar Group, Strings Group as well as the Rock School. You can also join in with the Junior choir or sing in the Gospel or Soul Groups.

If you enjoy acting you can join in with Drama activities and also audition for the junior school play.

The Science faculty has clubs in gardening, robotics and astronomy as well as the Young Engineer Scheme.

You could also join the Debating Society, Junior Reading Group, the Formula 1 Maths Club or enjoy Design and Technology sessions.

There really is something for everyone.

On top of all these activities you will enjoy a week at Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. You may also secure a place on the annual European Music trip or the skiing to Switzerland .

If there is nothing here that excites you then a member of the Sixth Form is available to help you start your own club!

First few weeks

Who better to tell you all about it than our current Year 7s?  We asked them to write what they felt was important for Year 6 students to know.

“Hi my name is Beth, I am so proud that I am part of SJL. I was scared at first but now I have made so many friends that I don’t need to worry. The best bit is the Immersion Days and at Christmas we decorated the form room. So don’t worry. ”

“Hi my name is Digby. My old school was Grove Junior. Sir John Lawes is great, there are a lot of clubs and activities - I play the bass and I am in a band. The forms are great. You will love SJL. ”

“Hi my name is Hannah. When I started at SJL back in September I was so nervous. I was scared I was going to get lost and not make any new friends! But now I am fine and SJL is full of great clubs and trips (Little Canada ) and you will make loads of friends and you get a map and timetable.

“Hi my name is Ed. When I came to Sir John Lawes I was so scared that I was going to get lost but you find your way around quickly. I have made so many new friends and the sport is fantastic. ”


Rewards & consequences

At SJL we like to take every opportunity to celebrate students’ good performance. As well as positive feedback to individual students, displays of student work and celebrations in assembly we have a variety of ways that we recognise your hard work or achievement. If you want to find out more about this then visit the section of this site that talks about rewards.

Tips to help you succeed

SJL is a really fun place to be and there are many different ways that you can succeed.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Take a full and active role in all aspects of school life.
  • Listen and work hard in lessons.
  • Join lunchtime or after-school activities.
  • Do your homework to your full ability and hand it in on time.
  • Make sure you arrive at school on time and reach a minimum of 92% attendance each year.
  • Challenge yourself each school year to learn a new hobby or get involved in a community project.

When we challenge ourselves to do things that we find difficult or scary it helps us to grow in confidence and to grow as a person.

At SJL there are lots of fun ways that you can challenge yourself:

Year 7: When you are at Little Canada you can challenge yourself to jump from the Leap of Faith (safely harnessed of course).

Year 8: You can challenge yourself to join a school team or take part in a whole school activity such as a school production.

Year 9: You can challenge yourself to raise funds for a charity or a project that you have researched and/or helped.

Year 10: You can challenge yourself to learn a new skill.

Year 11: You can challenge yourself to exceed a predicted grade by two grades in one or more of your GCSE subjects.

Life at Sir John Lawes will allow you to not only reach your full potential but to aim even higher than that and you will have a great time doing it.

What the students say

“The funniest thing I have done was going to Little Canada which you will really enjoy. ”

Max - Year 7

“I have fitted in really well and have made lots of new friends. I love my form. ” Bethany - Year 7

“I have found many new friends and I am very happy. ”

Claire - Year 7

“When I came to the school I was scared and excited but I have never felt like that again. I have made lots of friends and I loved Little Canada . ”

Emma - Year 7

“My name is Paul, I came from High Beeches, when I came here I found out that I was the only one. I was quite scared that I wouldn’t make any friends but I did and I have made loads of them. ”

Paul - Year 7

“It’s really easy to make friends, also the teachers are really nice. ”

Henry - Year 7

“I have made loads of friends. My form is great and Little Canada was brilliant. The sport is also fab!”

Harry - Year 7

Who to contact if you have a problem

If you have a problem and you are not sure how to solve it then the best person to see in the first instance is your form tutor as they are the people that will know you best of all.

Your Head of Year or Student Services Manager are also available to answer your queries or listen to your concerns.

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