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Notice: Please be aware that our Year 7 French trip departs from school tomorrow at 8.30am, please keep the bus bay on Sauncey Avenue clear so the coach can arrive and park from 8am. Many thanks.


Students from our Oxfam group have been busy giving assemblies to Year 7, Year 8 and Year 12 - talking about the difference between equality and equity, the incredible work of Oxfam and the fundraising and awareness activities of the SJL Oxfam group.


This week Austen House are hosting Austen's Got Talent at lunchtime - a chance for students to showcase their talents in a bid to win coveted house points. We've seen some incredible talent from singing to comedy, dancing to musical renditions and so much more!


Last week we were proud to be a part of the Student Climate Change & Sustainability Conference day at . Students listened to a variety of speakers and took part in engaging activities. It was a truly inspiring day!


Today we welcomed Year 5 students from High Beeches Primary School who took part in a debating workshop learning the art of discussion and persuasion. The children were really enthusiastic and came up with some fantastic ideas! Thank you for coming to visit.


Lots of investigating happening in Year 7 science class using universal indicator to find out the pH balance of different household substances - matching the colour change to their pH balance colour scale.


Fabulous to see the incredible success of ex SJL students - helping to inspire current students.


Year 8 were tasked with choosing a famous building to master their drawing and painting skills using biro and watercolour - so many amazing pieces of art being created!


Leadership opportunities play a vital role in the development of our students and we are delighted to introduce our new student leadership team - Aryan and Ria as Head Students, ably assisted by Madeleine, James, Lily and Emma.


A fantastic day taking place at our Sustainability Conference!


With a nod to Cadbury's 200 year anniversary, some of our Year 8 students have been tasked with designing their own chocolate bar in D&T graphics class . This week they have been working on creating their own fonts.


Fantastic talk by from the Ministry of Eco Education and the Green Britain Foundation engaging our pupils on issues of Change and


We are very privileged to have a variety of great presenters leading our workshops this morning at our Change and Conference


We are looking forward to a great day discussing how we can safeguard the future of our planet at the Annual Sustainability Conference. The day was introduced by our CEO, Claire Robins.


We are really excited to collaborate withSt Albans Greener Together who chose to showcase SJL as an example of a sustainable school - take a look at their fabulous video. #SJLproud


Preparations are underway for some Year 7 and Year 8 students taking part in our next 'Have you met...?' event on Tuesday 18 June from 3.30pm-4.30pm in the School Hall. They spent time with student leaders to discuss ideas for their individual displays.


Annual Sports Team Photos will be taken today. All students that have represented SJL teams should come to school in PE kit today (no uniform required) P1 Year 7; P2 Year 8; P3 Year 9; P4 Year 10


On World Environment Day our Eco Garden Club have been making use of an old butler sink to create an 'alpine trough' - with gorgeous plants found naturally below the snow and above the tree line.#GenerationRestoration


Reminder to Year 12 parents that online Parents’ Evening is taking place this evening.


Year 8 students in Food Technology were transported to Italy with the aroma of their incredible ragu and pasta dishes - brilliant cooking skills!


Amazing results, well done, great teamwork!


Yesterday some of our students enjoyed a workshop run by a team of software engineers from - the students undertook a project which focused on the creative and planning aspects of designing software solutions for modern world challenges.


DigiTech Live - for anyone in a teaching profession this is such a great opportunity to find out more about educational technology.


Year 8 students were experimenting with different lighting and sound effects to create audience suspense in the gothic horror pieces they were creating.


Reminder - Year 8 ImmunisationsYear 8 students please wear a short sleeved school shirt or a vest underneath a long sleeved school shirt in preparation for immunisations tomorrow.

Global Education and International Links

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The world has never been so well-connected and interdependent. Young people who enter the world without a knowledge and understanding of global issues will be at a disadvantage in the workplace and in their personal lives. At SJL we aim to ensure that all of our students develop an understanding of global issues relating to both people and the natural environment. We want our students to become active global citizens who are well-equipped to make a difference now and in the future. This page provides a brief insight into some of the events and activities that take place.

International exchanges

Sir John Lawes is fortunate to be able to offer our students the opportunity to participate in exchange visits both in Europe and beyond.

  • Elizabeth Langasser Schule, Germany (Exchange Visit for Year 9 & 10)
  • Le Collège La Salle Saint-Laurent, Blain, France (Exchange and Penfriend Scheme, Year 10).
  • Ndeke High School, Zambia (Year 10)
  • Upper Dublin High School, United States Of America (Years 12/13).

The benefits of such exchange visits to our students are numerous - they immerse students in a different culture, help them to improve language and communication skills, encourage respect and tolerance and develop self-confidence.

In addition to the exchange visits the school also offers a number of other opportunities for international visits including World Challenge trips, a Geography trip to Iceland and a bi-annual sports tour.

International partnerships

The partnership between Sir John Lawes and Ndeke High School in Zambia began in September 2005. The decision to partner with Ndeke was made by the Geography department and a group of Year 9 More Able students who had volunteered to be part of an extra-curricular group focused on establishing international links.

The aims of the partnership between SJL and Ndeke are to:

  • Enhance teaching and learning in both schools
  • Promote international awareness and understanding and a sense of global citizenship
  • Develop the global dimension of the curriculum within the schools.

The partnership between SJL and Ndeke has been supported through the British Council Global School Partnership Programme which has enabled us to carry out a number of reciprocal teacher and student visits as well as to carry out a range of curriculum work.

We have achieved a lot together in the years that we have been linked and look forward to continued successes in the future.


Sir John Lawes has received widespread recognition for its global education work:

  • We have retained the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award since 2010
  • We have retained the British Council International School Award since 2007
  • We achieved the Fairtrade School Award in 2009

Our global education work has also been recognised through our work with Oxfam as a Lead School and from the Department for International Development through their Global Learning Programme for which Sir John Lawes School was invited to be an ‘expert centre’. This means that we have a role in promoting a whole school approach to global learning to other schools in the area.

Global education in the curriculum

Global Education work features in a wide range of curriculum areas, including Geography, Science, History and Life Skills.

We also dedicate one of our enrichment days to global education.

  • Year 7 focus on the theme of food and hunger and carry out activities aimed at understanding why people in the world are hungry and what can be done about it.
  • Year 8 have a theme of sport and dance. They explore the difficulties faced by those involved in sportswear manufacturing through a role play called ‘Trading Trainers’. They also make footballs from plastic bags inspired by Ndeke High School and learn dances from other countries culminating in an international dance competition.
  • Year 9 are based in the Science faculty and explore a range of international themes from a scientific perspective including energy, water and Fairtrade.
  • Year 10 hold a Mock United Nations on Nuclear disarmament. Students work in country groups to come up with a speech outlining their country’s position before a strict judging panel which includes the Headteacher.

Enrichment activities

In addition to curriculum work, we offer a wide range of enrichment activities for students with an interest in global issues. Over the last few years these opportunities have included:

  • Attending a Global Student Forum and subsequently being a ‘peer educator’ at SJL
  • Taking part in the trip to Zambia and raising awareness and funds to develop the partnership
  • Getting involved in the ‘Send my Friend to school’ campaign
  • Running assemblies or helping out with international events at local primary schools
  • Organising fundraising for international charities
  • Taking part in campaigns on issues such as the Arms Trade and world hunger
  • Participating in the work of the Oxfam youth action group or Amnesty Group
  • Organising a collection of books for the local Oxfam book shop

Oxfam Youth Action Group

The Oxfam Youth Action Group is a student-led group that works to incorporate international issues within the school community. This is achieved through a series of campaigning, awareness raising and fundraising events. The group contains members from Years 7-13 and is open to everyone. Even students who don’t join the group have the opportunity to participate in many of the events the group run. The group has been so successful that they were even invited to 10 Downing Street, as part of their involvement with the Enough Food for Everyone If campaign. This shows that students really can have their voices heard at the highest level.

One of the big campaigns last year was focussed on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The group raised awareness of the issue in all year groups, met local MP Peter Lilley to present to him the views of Year 7 students on the matter and hosted Staff Strictly Come Dancing. In the weeks leading up to this event, 7 couples practised their ballroom, salsa or tango, culminating in an evening of entertainment featuring some excellent (and some not so) performances, all in front of a capacity crowd. The evening was enjoyed by all and raised over £1000 for Oxfam’s work in Syria. The excellent refreshments this year were organised by a special Year 7 Oxfam group, which really added to the evening.

Another key campaign was the Behind the Brands Campaign. All students had the opportunity to take part in a creative petition, calling on Coca Cola and Pepsico not to use sugar that came from land that had been unfairly taken from the indigenous population. The group were delighted to see first Coca Cola and then Pepsico doing as the campaign called for. The students also organised a campaign around maternal rights, centred on a sale of cards and gifts for Mother’s Day, which raised over £100.

In the summer term, the group led activities for Year 7 students on the topic of inequality, both across the world and in the UK. The younger students had the opportunity to get involved with the ‘All Hands in to End Inequality’ campaign. As part of the nationwide Water Week campaign, the group sold ice lollies, with the money raised supporting those who have been displaced in South Sudan. The impact of this work also extended beyond the SJL community, with members leading workshops for local primary school pupils. To top it all off, another Year 7 Oxfam group worked on the Send My Friend to School campaign, which this year focused on the rights of disabled children to an education.

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