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If you are thinking of taking up an instrument but not sure which one to choose, come along to our Try an Instrument Day - open to Year 6 students who have a place at SJL starting in September, plus any current SJL students in Years 7-9.


Reminder to Y10 parents that booking for online Parents’ Evening closes tomorrow, 6 June at 6pm


Just Wow Toby Cherry clears a new PB of 2:03m at the weekend. So proud of this young man


Vacancy - we are seeking an enthusiastic IT/Media Support Technician to provide first line media and technical support. Apply now


Term Date - a reminder that next week is half term.Have an enjoyable break, we hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the sunshine. We look forward to seeing you all back Monday 5 June.


Our Year 10 Food Technology students enjoyed a masterclass with cookbook author and TV chef Theo Michaels - Theo helped the students to make burritos, including making the tortillas, whipping up a salsa and a variety of fillings, while offering tips and advice.


Alumni: What a first season with we are all so proud of you at SJL Your hard work and dedication is really paying off, you are an inspiration to all the young sports people at our school


Alumni: What a first season with we are all so proud of you at SJL . Your hard work and dedication is really paying off, you are an inspiration to all the young sports people at our school


60 of our best mathematicians from years 7 and 8 recently achieved SJL’s best ever Junior Maths Challenge results. In total they achieved 24 Gold medals, 20 Silver and 13 Bronze. The top 17 qualified for the follow on round in June. Well done year 7 and 8!


Our Year 9 Social Sciences students gained further insight into the world of politics when Bim Afolami, MP for Hitchin & Harpenden, came to a Q&A session, giving our students the chance to ask many questions on a wide range of topics.


Our lovely rabbits and chickens now have fabulous new homes thanks to some Year 9 students who put two new wooden hutches together.


Following the visit last week from TV journalist and presenter Martine Croxall our Media Studies students began creating their own news story as part of . Take a look at the full news broadcast here


This week students will be discussing the benefits of 'reading' and the word 'intertextuality' (when a new text is connected to & influenced by previous texts).“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr Seuss


We're throwing it back to last week's Year 10 Music Showcase - what an amazing evening!


Reminder to Y10 parents that booking for online Parents’ Evening opens tomorrow, 23 May, at 6pm


Year 9 Social Science students have been busy filming a Political Party Campaign as part of their politics module - creating their own party and developing their own policies.


Good luck to our Year 12 students who will be out on work experience this week. Please do all that you can to make the most of your week and enjoy the experience. We look forward to hearing all about it.


A celebration of alliums waiting to be cut and placed on reception


Everyone is in and cooking!


Alumni: So proud of this young man! Clubman of the year at Verulamians RFC after a brilliant season with some 1st Team Rugby experience. Keep it up Matty you are an inspiration to so many


Amazing creativity on display as Year 10 art students develop ideas for their final piece of work as part of their portrait project.


Our Year 12 Economy students gained insight into the day-to-day life of an economist with a brilliant talk by Bank of England Senior Economist Gosia Goralczyk. Our students gained a greater understanding about the function of the Bank of England to monitor financial stability.


Highlights from the second half of the Spring term, including the ski trip to Saas-Fee in Switzerland, Austen's Got Talent and the visit to Montpellier for our Year 10 students studying French. Presented and produced by SJL Media Faculty.


Last weekend Harry competed in the East of England Regional Swimming Championships. He came: 7th in U14 100m Butterfly 6th in U14 400m Individual Medley 1st in U14 200m Butterfly He swam fantastically - achieving personal best times in both the heat and final.


A fun interactive quiz using iPad's for Year 8 students in their RE lesson, helping to strengthen their learning about different religions.

Helping You To Help Your Child

Here are some practical ideas for helping your child to learn.

The strategies and techniques are all tried and tested and based on research.

It is an advantage for students to develop good learning techniques as soon as possible. In year 7 they are useful: by year 11 they are essential.

We have included tips and techniques for parents and children to share and try out together. We hope you'll enjoy doing some of the things in this guide.

And remember…

We learn best when:

  • We are relaxed but a bit puzzled or challenged
  • We are well hydrated
  • We use techniques which maximise the brain's natural preferences for pattern, colour and novelty
  • We do things ourselves
  • We talk about and explain what we do
  • We are well rested
  • We exercise regularly
  • We are encouraged and praised


Planning family time

Hot tip: Plan the family diary together.

Help your children to manage their time. They need to allow time during the evenings and weekends for homework. How does this fit in with their other activities and family events? Your children have a homework timetable. For year 7 students about one hour a night is scheduled.

A simple but effective system is for students to have a short break when they get home from school, but then to get straight on with homework before doing anything else.

Hot Tip: Use mealtimes to find out about your child’s day

Research shows that the children of families who eat together do better in exams. Even time in front of the television can provide a stimulus for debate and discussion. Chatting about the day's events helps all of us. We all learn better when we explain things to other people, so by chatting about something the children have done at school you can reinforce learning.


V. A. K learning

There are three main ways to learn and some students have strong preferences towards one style:

  • Visual (seeing things)
  • Auditory (hearing things)
  • Kinaesthetic (doing things).

Example: you have to learn a list of French vocabulary

Visual learner: likes to make a colour-coded list with some little pictures

Auditory learner: prefers to make a tape and chant out the words

Kinaesthetic learner: associates the words with actions and acts them out

In practice, most of us seem to be a bit of a mixture and to learn best when we combine the three styles.



Reading is a fun and enriching experience for many of us. In addition there are strong links between love of reading and academic success. The English faculty and the Library staff work constantly to encourage enjoyment of reading. Students have one reading-related homework per week. Parents can support this by:

  • Encouraging your children to enjoy reading for fun
  • Have a light touch - don't be judgemental
  • Everything counts: sports reports, magazines, websites
  • Help them choose books and magazines
  • Encourage them to get books from the school library/local libraries
  • Encourage them to join the school Reading Group
  • Let them see you enjoying reading
  • Audio books are a good way of entertaining children in the car
  • Talk about books
  • Books make great presents.

Hot Tip: Reading the same book as your child enables you to engage in discussion with them.

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