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Notice: Please be aware that our Year 7 French trip departs from school tomorrow at 8.30am, please keep the bus bay on Sauncey Avenue clear so the coach can arrive and park from 8am. Many thanks.


Students from our Oxfam group have been busy giving assemblies to Year 7, Year 8 and Year 12 - talking about the difference between equality and equity, the incredible work of Oxfam and the fundraising and awareness activities of the SJL Oxfam group.


This week Austen House are hosting Austen's Got Talent at lunchtime - a chance for students to showcase their talents in a bid to win coveted house points. We've seen some incredible talent from singing to comedy, dancing to musical renditions and so much more!


Last week we were proud to be a part of the Student Climate Change & Sustainability Conference day at . Students listened to a variety of speakers and took part in engaging activities. It was a truly inspiring day!


Today we welcomed Year 5 students from High Beeches Primary School who took part in a debating workshop learning the art of discussion and persuasion. The children were really enthusiastic and came up with some fantastic ideas! Thank you for coming to visit.


Lots of investigating happening in Year 7 science class using universal indicator to find out the pH balance of different household substances - matching the colour change to their pH balance colour scale.


Fabulous to see the incredible success of ex SJL students - helping to inspire current students.


Year 8 were tasked with choosing a famous building to master their drawing and painting skills using biro and watercolour - so many amazing pieces of art being created!


Leadership opportunities play a vital role in the development of our students and we are delighted to introduce our new student leadership team - Aryan and Ria as Head Students, ably assisted by Madeleine, James, Lily and Emma.


A fantastic day taking place at our Sustainability Conference!


With a nod to Cadbury's 200 year anniversary, some of our Year 8 students have been tasked with designing their own chocolate bar in D&T graphics class . This week they have been working on creating their own fonts.


Fantastic talk by from the Ministry of Eco Education and the Green Britain Foundation engaging our pupils on issues of Change and


We are very privileged to have a variety of great presenters leading our workshops this morning at our Change and Conference


We are looking forward to a great day discussing how we can safeguard the future of our planet at the Annual Sustainability Conference. The day was introduced by our CEO, Claire Robins.


We are really excited to collaborate withSt Albans Greener Together who chose to showcase SJL as an example of a sustainable school - take a look at their fabulous video. #SJLproud


Preparations are underway for some Year 7 and Year 8 students taking part in our next 'Have you met...?' event on Tuesday 18 June from 3.30pm-4.30pm in the School Hall. They spent time with student leaders to discuss ideas for their individual displays.


Annual Sports Team Photos will be taken today. All students that have represented SJL teams should come to school in PE kit today (no uniform required) P1 Year 7; P2 Year 8; P3 Year 9; P4 Year 10


On World Environment Day our Eco Garden Club have been making use of an old butler sink to create an 'alpine trough' - with gorgeous plants found naturally below the snow and above the tree line.#GenerationRestoration


Reminder to Year 12 parents that online Parents’ Evening is taking place this evening.


Year 8 students in Food Technology were transported to Italy with the aroma of their incredible ragu and pasta dishes - brilliant cooking skills!


Amazing results, well done, great teamwork!


Yesterday some of our students enjoyed a workshop run by a team of software engineers from - the students undertook a project which focused on the creative and planning aspects of designing software solutions for modern world challenges.


DigiTech Live - for anyone in a teaching profession this is such a great opportunity to find out more about educational technology.


Year 8 students were experimenting with different lighting and sound effects to create audience suspense in the gothic horror pieces they were creating.


Reminder - Year 8 ImmunisationsYear 8 students please wear a short sleeved school shirt or a vest underneath a long sleeved school shirt in preparation for immunisations tomorrow.

House System


Every member of the SJL community, students and staff, as well as being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses, Austen, Britten, Hepworth, King, Lawes, Newton and Ryder, are all named after leaders in their field, strivers, achievers and positive role models.

As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process.

The seven houses at SJL are:


Jane Austen

(1775 - 1817)


Benjamin Britten

(1913 - 1976)


Barbara Hepworth

(1903 - 1975)

Sjl houses 1 KING

Martin Luther King

(1929 - 1968)

Sjl houses 2 LAWES

John Bennet Lawes

(1814 - 1900)

Sjl houses 3 NEWTON

Isaac Newton

(1643 - 1727)

Sjl houses 4 RYDER

Sue Ryder

(1924 - 2000)

Merit Marks, Ace cards, Heads commendations

Students who embody the SJL ACE, and who extend themselves through achievement - academic, artistic, sporting or cultural, in lessons or outside, through their care for others or through the way they conduct themselves - earn Merits, ACE cards or Head commendations. These in turn earn House points for their form and House. A Merit is given by a member of staff or Sixth Form student and is a very immediate way of acknowledging an extra achievement or an extra effort and strengthening the personal relationships so central at SJL. An ACE card is a more public acknowledgement of extra effort or going beyond and is posted home so that family or significant others can share in your achievement too. A Head's commendation is given for a longer-term extra effort or achievement. Students build a total of Merit Marks through the year with certificates being awarded to celebrate this achievement.

House competitions and events

Through the year students have lots of chances to work with members of their form and House taking part in competitions and events. Some of these take place as part of lessons, some run during lunchtimes and after school and offer extra opportunity to get involved in the life of SJL. Subjects run competitions and the Art department recently ran a Christmas Card competition with the winning entries being commercially produced. Each House runs its own competition with one taking place each half term, with forms and Houses entering teams. Recent competitions include:

  • Hepworth’s House Quiz running seven rounds over seven weeks - a hall full of student and staff members answering questions on everything from classic films to music.
  • The Sixth Form ‘University Challenge’.
  • King’s Public Speaking Competition, teams from each form arguing their case to a voting audience.
  • Lawes’ Team Games, a week of energetic games and competitions in the sports hall.
  • Ryder’s Football Tournament and Austen’s Battle of the Bands where student bands and singers perform on stage to a voting audience.

We have whole school events, where forms and students earn House points for everything from the Festive form room decoration with students spreading a little seasonal spirit to the House points earnt from fund raising events. All of this builds towards the awarding of the House Cup during a hugely emotional climax to final assembly.

To help make all this happen we need your help, with elected student Form Representatives and House Captains helping to organise, promote and run events.

Through regular meetings and assemblies you meet with and work with other students.

Everyone is involved in representing their House from wearing perfect uniform to raising money for global charities to learning new skills and building your confidence as a Form Representative. From the splash of bright colour in your proudly worn House badge these are some of the things that can add extra colour to all you do with us at Sir John Lawes School.

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