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thank you very much SJL for yet another fantastic ski trip! Enormous gratitude to the teachers...relax..


Ski Trip update: We are now making our way back to school. All being well, we should be back at SJL at 3.20pm. Can you please be ready to collect your child by the gate on Sauncey Avenue. Please do not park in the bus bays as that is where the coach will park, thanks


Ski Trip update: We are currently on the ferry. Crossing is a little choppy. We are disappointed by a lack of blue skies and sunshine! Will update you in timings when we get across


Ski Trip update: Saas Fee has been an excellent resort and the conditions have been superb. The views have been spectacular. Sadly we are now on our way home having skied every piste. We will update you as we go and let you know timings later.


Ski Trip update: Last day on the slopes, lovely blue sky however winds have picked up so lifts closed at the top for now. So groups skiing on the lower slopes or having a hot chocolate.


Ski Trip update: You’ll be pleased to know we are back to normal and yesterday was a blip! Beautiful sunshine and perfect snow conditions. It’s all about carving technique today


Ski Trip update: OMG no blue skies! Currently snowing and the lack of visibility is making everyone control their speed. Hot Chocolates are in high demand!


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Did you know about this fantastic service available to young people in the district? If your tweens, teens and young adults don't know - print this out and give it to them!


Ski Trip update: Group 4 practising skiing backwards


Ski Trp update: Fresh snow and blue skies, great conditions although a little colder today.


Ski Trip update: The ski team are now the 10 pin bowling team.


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And that’s a wrap! Heading to the airport now, our flight is currently on time, a reminder our flight number is EZY2146. Scheduled to land at 10.30 - please park and come to collect the students from arrivals.


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The next CTeach application window closes today! Want to be celebrated for excellent practice? Become Chartered! Finish your application and join our next cohort:


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After spending the morning learning about German Resistance in Nazi Germany, we’ve now got some light retail therapy at the Berlin Mall 🇩🇪🙌🏼


Ski Trip update: Day 2 on the slopes, beautiful conditions. At the top, not even the wind could slow this group down.


Just a reminder that school will be open from 10 till 1pm today for those who would like to come in and spend some time in quiet reflection. We will be based in the dining room.


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WOW we absolutely love this We are standing with you


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Final evening exploring Berlin. Visited the Reichstag Dome and Brandenburg Gate - saved the best til last!


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Despite the wind and rain, nothing is getting our spirits down! Visited the Berlin Wall memorial this morning for an excellent guided tour and quick stop for lunch and to see The Berlin Cathedral!


Ski Trip update: The beginners are up and skiing.


Ski Trip update: Blue Sky Bill in the first morning appears to be better than Storm Dennis 😄


Ski Trip update: We have arrived and the weather is gorgeous. Ready to unpack and then sort out the ski gear.


Retweeted From Tom Mowbray

Awesome U18s girls festival yesterday . Thanks to for entering. We started off with 7/10 a side then combined the schools to play 15 a side. You’ve got to love rugby!!


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Visiting the Olympic Stadium this morning, learning about where Jesse Owens won gold in 1936.


Ski Trip Update: The famous Autogrill for breakfast in Basle, Switzerland. Not too far to go now to Saas Fee


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Fantastic rugby played by Senior Girls today. Played 4 won 2 drew 2


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The end of day 1 - an interesting day learning about the divisions during the Cold War (even seeing the original Berlin Wall!). 🇩🇪


Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

U18 Girls rugby festival getting underway at


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Arrived safely in Berlin, after a pit stop at the hotel, we’re about to visit our first stop, the Topography of Terror!


EARLY BIRD DEAL TICKETS FOR SJL ON SALE TODAY! Treat whole family to discounted ticket for Festival on the Field 2020. SJL students, staff and their families can take advantage of Early Bird Deal which discounts the tickets by 10% using link


Launched on SJL's Climate Education Day and coinciding with Valentine's Day to celebrate the thing students love most - our planet, students from across the school have come together to have their voice heard


This week's newsletter is out today...


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The team will be at later today to tell Year 11 all about how they can have an amazing summer with ! 🙌


Vacancy: looking for a role where you can make a difference to a child's education? Due to progression within the school, SJL are seeking a Teaching Assistant to join their experienced team . .


Lost property: recognise these belongings? Mrs Daniels in First Aid room has them, awaiting collection.


Wishing students heading off to Saas-Fee for this year's ski trip, a fantastic and memorable adventure.


Date for the diary: Supporting students through exams information evening, Wednesday 26 February 2020


Wishing our students a memorable trip to Berlin. Safe travels.


Lawes Lowdown is out now


Year 7 parents should have now received an Edulink access link to set up a password to access the new platform. Please contact if you face any issues with the registration process.

Student School Life

Useful things to know

Here you can find out about life at Sir John Lawes and access information that will help you to settle in quickly.


There are lots of really interesting assemblies for you to attend. These are held on a rota basis.

Assemblies 2017-2018

Breaks and lunchtimes

At lunchtime students can do one of the following:

a) Stay at school and have a school meal

b) Stay at school and have a packed lunch in the school canteen or sandwich areas.

We encourage as many students as possible to buy a school lunch as the food is good, nutritional and the kitchen staff are excellent. We operate a cafeteria system. Items are priced individually or as 'meal deals' and may be purchased as in any other cafeteria.

Students in Years 7-11 are not allowed to leave the school site at lunchtime.

Finding your way around

A school map is given to all new students but if you do get lost there is always someone to help you.


School map

Homework club

There is an after-school homework club in the library where you may do your homework. Anyone can go. You do not have to go every day but you can if you want to. The homework club opens at 3.30pm and closes at 5.00pm. The assistant librarian and a member of the Learning Support Team will be there every day to help you with your work.

This is a great opportunity to use the computers and printers and to get advice from staff on how best to complete your homework.

"If you ever get stuck with homework ask your teacher who set it, they will help you because every teacher here is kind and helpful."
Neena M


Every member of the SJL community, students and staff, as well being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses, Austen, Britten, Hepworth, King, Lawes, Newton and Ryder, are all named after leaders in their field, strivers, achievers and positive role models.

As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process. Visit our pages about the House system to find out more.


The SJL iPlanner contains all the information you require to become an independent learner.

SJL iPlanner 2018/19

SJL 6th Form iPlanner 2018/19


The Library is open from 8.40am until 5.00pm. It has many books to help with your work at school as well as books for pleasure. There is also a computer room for you to use during break time, lunchtime and after school.

You will be given your own library card, this can be used to take books, videos and DVDs home.

Mrs Prickett and Ms Ellis work in the library, they are responsible for the amazing selection of books and resources.

Medical room

If you feel unwell at school then you should report to reception.

Your parents may also be contacted by the school office if necessary. If you require any form of medication then this would have been handed in to reception by your parents so that you can take it as and when required along with the following completed form.

Parental agreement medicine form

School day

The school day consists of six taught lessons each of 50 minutes, as well as two registrations, plus an assembly.

The timetable is as follows:

8.40 am Students should be in form rooms ready for registration
8.40-8.50am Registration
8.50-9.40am Period 1
9.40-10.30am Period 2
10.30-10.50am Break time
10.50-11.40am Period 3
11.40am-12.30pm Period 4
12.30-1.25pm Lunchtime
1.30-1.50pm Afternoon registration
1.50-2.40pm Period 5
2.40-3.30pm Period 6

School rules


The School Code is printed within the information given in the Home-School agreement and is designed to act as a code of conduct for learning and behaviour for all students. It will also be made very clear to you what you should or should not be doing.


Whilst we prefer to reinforce positive behaviour, there are occasions when sanctions are needed if students do not behave.

Students may receive break, lunchtime or after-school detentions for failing to meet the standards of the ACE.

For more serious offences or failure to attend previously set detentions a Senior Management Team Detention for up to two hours can be set on a Friday after school.

Forbidden items

The following items are not allowed in school: Walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, laser pens, weapons of any kind (including toy weapons), other items which the school deems dangerous or distracting, chewing gum, aerosols, tobacco, matches or lighters, alcohol, other drugs of any kind unless on prescription. If such items are found they will be confiscated and exclusion may result from their possession.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be kept in bags or lockers and switched off but will be confiscated, for parents to collect, if used on the school site.

What to bring

All students need a school bag that can carry their books and planners to, from and around school. Students may also need a draw string-bag to bring their PE kit into school on the days required.

All students need a pencil case with pens, pencils including colouring pencils, sharpener, protractor and ruler. Please note that pencil cases taken into exam rooms need to be transparent.

Travelling to school


If you want to come to school by bicycle then your parents must first apply for and complete an application form which is available from the school reception.

You will then be issued with a permit and must follow the rules that will be given to you. A secure bicycle rack is provided although you should bring a lock for your bike.

For your own safety we strongly recommend that you wear a bicycle helmet.


If you live in any of the following villages outside of Harpenden then a school bus is provided from Redbourn, Markyate, Flamstead; Whitwell, Kimpton and Breachwood Green.

Public transport buses are available from Wheathampstead and Southdown and the places in between.

We expect a very high standard of behaviour on the school bus from all our students.

Tutor group

The member of staff who will be most important to you during your time at Sir John Lawes will be your form tutor. He or she will see you at least twice every day, for registration, and will get to know you and help you to feel comfortable and safe during your time in school, so you can put all your effort into getting top results in your lessons.

We plan our tutor groups very carefully, trying to create a healthy balance between putting new students with people they know and like from primary school and giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

Your tutor group is a 'ready made' group of friends. There are inter-form and House competitions such as 'Decorate your Form room for Christmas'.

Every tutor group elects form representatives to join the Year Council and could go on to be elected to join the Student Junior Leadership Team.


It is important that students are always nice and smart and that they are wearing the correct school uniform. There are also some general rules about appearance and the other things that you are or are not allowed to wear. For more information about the correct school uniform please visit the school uniform pages.

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