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Marlon Philpott

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Marlon Philpott and The Case of the Silent Suitcase

Join us for this 30 minute Nordic noir tale.

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The gentle routine of Marlon Philpott’s Harpenden office involves serenading his secretary, Fifi, and dictating case notes. Normality is shattered one spring morning when this private investigator receives a telephone call to go and play jazz trumpet with the legendary Bizzy Fernandez. Consequently, his sister Marion puts on the private eye’s fedora and follows a lead on a missing suitcase. The Norwegian owner of this valuable suitcase has lost her ventriloquist’s puppet. En route to its eventual uncovering, we encounter the family of former rock god, Cedric Cediment, Eagle Woman and the mysterious Celery Man of St Ippolyts. As ever, it is down to the talkative, if grubby, minicab driver, Kerbishly Muxloe to get to the boot of the problem.

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