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Harpenden young film makers take climate change movie to Parliament

Young filmmakers from SJL have visited Parliament to show films they have made about climate change to MPs.

The group of five pupils from Sir John Lawes travelled to Westminster on Wednesday 4 November, having taken part in a national film challenge. The ‘Close-up on Climate’ event was organised by The Climate Coalition, a group of over 100 organisations representing more than 11 million people across the UK dedicated to action on climate change. The pupils also took part in workshops run by the film education charity Into Film.

Pupils showed MPs their film about climate change. The Sir John Lawes entry to the competition was based on a lego family experiencing the effects of climate change.

Susannah Latham, one of the pupils, said:

We were fascinated to see many of constituency MPs interacting with other young people on the effects of climate change. Overall the day opened our eyes as we met other students, equally concerned about the shocking effects of climate change but all united in a desire to ensure our future is sustainable.”

Helen Cox, a teacher at Sir John Lawes said:

“It was inspiring to see the efforts that young people across the country had gone to in producing short films highlighting the effects of climate change. The quality of the films made was extremely high”.

More than 60 individuals and groups from across the UK took part in the challenge, making films about the impact of the changing climate on issues ranging from their hometown to the local beach to the price of chocolate. The young people are calling for world leaders at a major meeting this month in Paris to commit to a strong global agreement on tackling climate change and securing clean and sustainable energy for everyone.

Neil Thorns, Chair of The Climate Coalition, said:

“These films are great. They take the voices of young people through their films directly to politicians to show their concerns and cares, and call for leaders to act on behalf of not just future generations but the millions of people worldwide who are already living with the impacts of climate change.

“We’d like to thank the Sir John Lawes film makers for their creativity and raising such an important issue in such an inspiring way.”

SJL Climate Change Group

SJL climate change group
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