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At SJL we value the benefits of collaborative working and have consequently forged a number of partnerships with other groups, organisations and institutions. Below are some of the examples of well-established partnerships and how SJL students have benefited directly.

For some students an applied or vocational curriculum is appropriate and therefore we have strong links with Oaklands College in St Albans. These links have enabled SJL students to access courses most suited to their individual needs and use some of the best specialist facilities in the area.

At Post 16, SJL students are able to access A-level courses at Roundwood Park and St Georges which enables us to offer the broadest curriculum possible. Courses available at other schools include Sociology, Government & Politics and Accounts.

Sir John Lawes School holds joint Trust status with Roundwood Park School. This brings the two schools into formal partnership with the aim of raising the standards of education for the young people they serve.  

As well as our partner schools in Harpenden we have close links with schools outside our local community. For example, we are part of the St Albans and Harpenden Strategic Area Partnership which enables SJL students to access a range of courses. We also have close links with The Bushey Academy and our students have benefited from a number of opportunities that have arisen as a consequence.

As part of our work as a Training School we have well-developed and formal links with a number of Higher Education establishments including the universities of Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We have also used the links to enable students to access university facilities. One example of this is Year 11 students studying the Extended Project Qualification where they are able to use the library facilities at the University of Hertfordshire to aid their research.

The fantastic work that SJL students have done in the area of Globalisation and Sustainable Development has also helped to forge relationships with some established and global charities. This has helped SJL students to benefit from a wide range of opportunities for example they have had the chance to visit Zambia; Comic Relief have filmed in SJL and shown the results on the BBC; and four students met and discussed global issues with Gordon Brown.

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